PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

Do you have permanent makeup that you regret or does your cosmetic tattoo need a correction? Did your eyebrow tattoo leave you frustrated and unhappy? Every person can now remove errors in their permanent make up with our leading PicoSure tattoo removal laser.

Now erasing unwanted tattoos is easier than ever before with PicoSure. This revolutionary picosecond aesthetic laser can remove very dark lines and stubborn multicolored tattoos. PicoSure can also remove stubborn tattoos that have previously undergone laser treatments. PicoSure tattoo removal is fast and efficient, with many patients experiencing nearly 100 percent clearance of their tattoo after only three sessions.

For complete removal of permanent makeup eyebrows and other areas, PicoSure uses the same state of the art laser technology to permanently get rid of cosmetic tattoos. By using the best tattoo removal machine on the market, permanent make up removal is perfect for eyebrows and other areas (does not include eyeliner or the lip vermillion). If a correction is all you need, touch it up with our PicoSure laser in order to improve or perfect your existing cosmetic tattoo.